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About Evelyn

I Am . . .

  • Mama (Grandma) Evie
  • Sweetpea
  • Evelyn
  • Yarrow and tulips
  • Colorado night air
  • Recovered (or perhaps just lapsed) news junkie
  • Porch sitting
  • Hands-in-the-air excited
  • Happy tears
  • Collector of artifacts and gadgets of all kinds
  • Night owl
  • Snails-pace walker
  • Twenty tabs open
  • Joyful learner
  • Unapologetic whole-child advocate
  • Creative planner
  • Unsweetened black iced tea
  • “I remember when this was a small town” Colorado Springs native
  • Weed-pulling champion
  • Tender heart
  • Teetotaler
  • 72 degrees with a light breeze
  • Wanna be weaver
  • All in
  • Thinkerer
  • ILY!!

This idea comes from Emily Neuburger

Write it!

Try this writing exercise with your children. Ask them to think about who they are, what they love, what they want, their talents, special places, and words that describe them. Make a list. Continue to brainstorm ideas and come back again and again to this exercise as children think of new ideas. Illustrate the poem. Write out ideas following the alphabet. Make an acrostic poem using the letters in one’s name. Think of as many ideas as you can in one category (things I like to eat, for example. “I am spaghetti and meatballs,” “I am rocky road ice cream”). To change things up, follow a pattern of “I am ______, but I am not _______.”

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