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June 2024

Summer stART

June 3-7

Campers experience art as a creative journey where they experiment, play, and let their imaginations soar.

Sample Projects:

  • Homemade paints and art tools
  • Child-directed projects (e.g., jewelry making, clay modeling, painting on natural canvasses)


  • Creativity and imagination
  • Fine motor skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Independence
  • Social and emotional skills
  • Visual processing skills


Faces & Places

June 10-14

Campers explore the integration of art and geography as they use a variety of materials and techniques to create characters and explore imaginary places.

Sample Projects:

  • Paper mâché planet
  • 3-D self-portrait
  • Peg-people village
  • Painted maps


  • Spatial awareness and orientation
  • Geography and culture
  • Art techniques (e.g., paper mâché, ink drawing)
  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Fine motor skills

    Cars and Trucks and Things that Move

    June 24-28

    Campers make, test, and play with cars, trucks, and things that move (including boats and rockets) as they combine creativity and curiosity in this Richard Scarry inspired camp.

    Sample Projects:

    • Box car
    • Automata toys
    • Paper airplane contest
    • Bottle rockets


    • Cognition (e.g., cause and effect)
    • Fine and gross motor skills
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Technical vocabulary (parts of cars, etc.)
    • Creativity and imagination

      July 2024


      July 8-12

      Campers unlock the world of craftsmanship as they learn about woodworking techniques, tools, and safety while building useful and beautiful projects.

      Sample Projects:

      • Pull-toy
      • Child’s chair
      • Art sculpture
      • Toolbox


      • Woodworking basics (e.g., measuring, marking, cutting, drilling, sanding, and assembling wood pieces)
      • Tool safety
      • Creativity and problem-solving
      • Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
      • Self-confidence and pride
      • Persistence


      Sew Fun

      July 15-19

      Campers dive into the world of fabrics, threads, and colors as they explore the art of sewing, weaving, and textile magic.

      Sample Projects:

      • Mug rug
      • Stuffie
      • Wall hanging
      • Bookmark
      • Friendship bracelets


      • Various stitches (e.g., blanket, running)
      • Various weaving patterns (e.g., plain, rya knots)
      • Fine motor skills
      • Hand-eye coordination
      • Creativity and problem-solving
      • Math (e.g., patterning, measuring)
      • Self-confidence
      • Pride


        July 29-August 2

        Join the OlympiCamp adventure where young champions create and compete in their own epic games. Includes a visit to U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum.

        Sample Projects

        • Competitive and collaborative game design (e.g., egg relay race)
        • Medals
        • Flags


        • Physical skills (e.g., balance, coordination, agility)
        • Sportsmanship
        • Teamwork
        • Creativity
        • Social and emotional skills

          August 2024


          August 5-9

          Campers code, command, and conquer with their very own robot vacuum.

          Sample Projects:

          • Coding
          • Vacuum dissection
          • Vacuum contests
          • Games


          • Basic robotics
          • Basic coding and programming
          • Creativity and problem-solving
          • Directional awareness
          • Pattern recognition
          • Sequencing
          • Algorithmic thinking


          Nature’s Palette

          August 12-16

          Creativity will bloom amidst the trees and sunshine as campers explore the perfect blend of art and the great outdoors.

          Sample Projects:

          • Painted leaf garland
          • Mother nature paint brushes and paints
          • Stick crowns


          • Observation and appreciation
          • Artistic expression and experimentation
          • Math and science concepts (e.g., patterns, shapes, symmetry)

            Experience the Best of Summer with Thinkering Lab’s Day-Camps, Packed with Perks and Surprises. With Every Camp You Get:

            • Small group sizes best for learning new skills
            • Lots of outside play at a near-by park
            • Collaborative and individual project work
            • Friendly, non-stressful pace and environment
            • Child choices of materials and process within each project
            • Thinkering Lab t-shirt
              • Ice cream on the last day of camp
              • Friday play time at Uncle Wilbur’s Fountain
              • A journal/idea book to continue the creative process at home
              • A community of supportive, creative makers – new friends!
              • Exhibit of projects for adults during last hour of camp
              • Flexible before and after camp care for busy parents at a nominal fee
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                Thinkering Lab

                The mission of Thinkering Lab is to enhance children’s literacy development by providing rich and engaging experiences in a makerspace environment. In the Thinkering Lab children explore their surroundings, fiddle with materials, play with words, invent gadgets — all while solving problems, learning, and having fun along the way. Through open-ended exploration, children put their stamp on their creations and test their theories of the world. 


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